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Posted by on June 13, 2015

-de Timotei Rad

Imi vine sa o botez Xena Autostopului:


E bulgaroaica, are 31 de ani, a inceput sa faca autostop la 15 ani ca sa iese in natura. Ii plac padurile si muntii. In primii ani de autostop nu vorbea cu soferii, doar voia sa ajunga la destinatie.

Calatoriile-i internationale:

1) April 2008BulgariaSerbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany si inapoi (4000 km).
2) May 2008 –  Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Vatican si inapoi (3500 km).
3) June 2008 – Bulgaria, Turkey si inapoi (2000 km).
4) September 2008 – June 2009 – Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Nepal, India – zbor în – New Zealand, Australia – zbor în – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam – încă 24 400 km. Din Vietnam ia avion inapoi pana in Londra, de unde din nou autostop pana in Bulgaria, pe ruta: UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria (3500 km).

5) November 2009 – Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania si inapoi (2000 km).
6) May 2010 – Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg si inapoi (4500 km).
7) May 2010 – Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway si inapoi (18 000).
8) June 2010Greece (2000 km)
9) October 2010 – Turkey (2000 km)
10) November-December 2010 – Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, France, MonacoSpain, GibraltarCeutaMorocco, Western Sahara si inapoi (12 000).
11) February 2011 – Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia si inapoi (5200 km).
12) April 2011 – Turkey (2000 km)
13) September 2011 – May 2012 – Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Angola, DR Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria (45 000 km)

14) August 2012 – Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria.
15) Din october 2013  – Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Saint Kitts, Sint Maarten, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, BoliviaParaguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazilia, Venezuela, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Mexic (50 000 km).

109 tari si teritorii.

***Tery numara 109 tari, considerand tara Tibetul si Saint Martin, sub-judet de peste mari al Frantei, parte a judetului Guadalupe. Dar uita sa isi numere Ceuta (teritoriu dependent de-al Spaniei) si Catalunia. Tot la 109 tari am ajuns.

200 000 km.


Favorite countries: India, Dominica, Sudan, New Zealand, Australia, Ecuador, Namibia, Tanzania.

Exotic cars… wow there are many such as old 40s cars, many motorbikes, ricksha, tuk-tuk in India, the trash truck, ambulance, police cars, crazy looking vehicles, a red ferrary, a few times on the roof of a truck and once on the roof of a bus.

The longest waiting time was 4 days in Ethiopia but i was walking not waiting at the same spot. At the 4th day the first car passed and picked me up. For Europe my record is 12 hours at the southern exit of Florence in Italy – lots of cars passing.

Patru dintre masinile ce au luat-o la autostop pana acum au facut accident cu ea in masina. Doua in Bulgaria, una in Namibia si una in Venezuela.

Cea mai lunga cursa: 2000 km in Australia cu o caravana.

Cei mai multi km in 24 ore, 1500.

Vorbeste bulgara, engleza, spaniola fluent. O rupe si pe rusa, araba si swahili.

Tery spune: most important what hitchiking teached me is that you can get everywhere by thumb and the world is a very beautiful place with very different people which at the end of the day are all the same. Sadly, the main difference between the people now depends on the TV that they are watching and if they are not watching any – they are the best and most unique.

Never been robbed when i traveled alone but when in Ecuador with my boyfriend we both got attacked and robbed – the thieves only managed to get a small bag with documents, camera and money, but there was a happy ending – we got everything back after we investigated and found who are the thieves.

Asa a inceput: hitchhiking started for me only because i wanted to get to the mountains in Bulgaria. I was little but i have seen a few people on the roads with their thumbs up when we were passing with my parents, going or coming back from holidays. We never stopped to pick anyone up and my parents are most definitely no hitchhikers, but i didn’t even need to think about it, i just wanted to get to the mountains and nothing else was important so one day i put my thumb up and i remember how the first car stopped. Will never forget the driver, he was a teacher in my favorite Bulgarian city. My emotions were only something like “faster, man, i have a long hike to do”, i was always going for the forests and i never thought about the communication with the people who took me there, well we talked but the point was to get there. 

Courage – never needed it because never had fear in my heart. I don’t have a respect and appreciation of my life so death is too attractive to me and fear never set a root in my heart. It is just so easy to do anything in life if you have no fear, i feel sorry for the other people who need to put the courage above the fear, must be hard for them and i always had it the easy way which is not fair. This is the reason why i don’t consider my trips as an achievement but as my way to have fun and play with death. It’s kind of ugly, there has to be at least a little fear to make life more interesting i guess, but i never cared what would happen to me. But on the other hand i freak out if someone of my family is in danger, as i was really worried in Colombia because now we travel with my boyfriend and i can’t go wherever and sleep wherever as i did in Africa. Va dati seama?!

First Eurotrip i started with 20 euros in my pocket (14 days trip), one of the next i started with 20 again but didn’t spend nothing and came back with 12 more (i take food from home always). Now i travel on savings and donations from my blog.  

Things that I hate: European Union, television, politics, law and any rules, money, all religions, fear, normal life, schools, universities, army, war, banks, shopping, airplanes, cafes, restaurants, hotels, tourist stuff!

DONATII pentru TERY se pot face aici. E cel mai frumos calator ce l-am descoperit pana acum…

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-de Timotei Rad-