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HITCHHIKED 88 countries, NO MONEY, NO SMARTPHONE, 5 years, 245 265 KM

Posted by on March 7, 2017

At the age of 19, in 2005, as a Romanian I didn’t had the money to follow a university, and either wanted my parents to help me, so I went illegaly to work in United Kingdom. Hidden in a truck, which went on a shipping ship from Santander (Spain) to Plymouth. I was caught and <returned> home after being kept 2 weeks in JAIL. I still have the documents prooving this.

The hole I did in the truck’s roof:

In the truck it was a convertible Mazda:

The shipping ship on which the truck went from Santander to Plymouth:

In 2012, my first hitchhiking journey was from my university city (Cluj Napoca, Transylvania, Romania) to 5 libraries in Europe (Viena, Leipzig, Paris, London, Padova). I went to this libraries to have acces to some very old books and maps, needed for my Bachelor Thesis, in which I proved that first Romanian who made a map is not Constantin Cantacuzino (like all historians were saying), but Dimitrie Cantemir.

I liked so much the hitchhiking adventure, that I dropped all my PhD plans (for which at that time I had gathered 1000 A4 pages of drafts).

In 5 years I hitchhiked 245 265 KM, in 88 COUNTRIES and I had so many crazy adventures, it would take me 2 lifes to talk about them. My passports are scanned here. On my first journey I left with 80 dollars. I wrote on this blog and with the donations received from the readers I continued 5 years. The longest time without money it was 61 days. The maps of my hitchhiking journeys are here.

Some of my adventures: In Afghanistan I have a photo with a taliban:

In Iraq police picked me hitchhiking:

 Hitchhiked from Nordkapp to Ushuaia in 6 months (2014)

I’ve got rides from:
Police, 10 times: Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Chile, Ecuador – on motorbike, Colombia, Ireland, England, Germany, China).

Gendarmerie (France).
Army Personalized Trucks, 3 times: Russia, twice in Cambogia.

Anti-Drug Division (Romania).
Ambulance, 4 times: Vietnam, Ucraina, twice in Romania.
Helicopter (Argentina).

Viking sailing boat (Norway).

Electric Car (Poland).

Convertible Cars, 3 times: France, twice in Irland.
In the Trunk, 2 times: Mongolia, Turkmenistan.
On top of the truck cab, 2 times: Venezuela, Laos
Mortuary Car, 2 times: Morroco, Romania.
Contrabandists/Smugglers, 2 times: France, Romania.
Stollen Car (Slovenia, Bulgarian driver).

In got to Siberia in flip-floppers, on temperatures under 0 Celsius. A missionaire gave me his sneakers.

-1935 km in 24 ore (Argentina),
-3790 km in 6 days with same car (truck), in Russia.
-11 drivers gave me lifts of more than 1000 km: Trifat 3790, Andrei 2810, Ali 1980, Cristi 1900, Leo 1410, Suceveanul 1350, Nicu 1275, Sebi 1100, Serghei 1050, Hoang 1050 km, Zurkuf 1000)
-6 drivers took me twice (Russia, Afghanistan, Argentina and 3 times in Romania).

-1 driver took me 3 times (Cambodia)

-80 050 km hitchhiked in 2013.
-55 countries hitchhiked in 2014.
-265 km/ora in Germany.

31 hours wait to be picked up (Mongolia). 23 and 21 hours waiting times also (Patagonia).

Hitchhiked to Oimiacon, Siberia, coldest permanently inhabited places (2013).
Hitchhiked to Kerman, Iran, hotest place on Earth (2014).

Attacked twice, in Iran and Venezuela.
Attacked by 12 dogs in Bosnia (Sarajevo). A wolf was singing near my tent in Kazakhstan. I saw 2 bears in Siberia.
Robbed twice: in Mongolia and Iran.
300 km during night time, without lights, in Peru.

My dream would be to publish my travel journal as a book. If you would like to read it, help by sharing this post. I won’t dissapoint you, it’s gonna be a fun book!

(I deleted all the travel blog posts, in order to put them in a book. The book is written in Romanian language, I only need to translate it.)