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Grigory Kubatyan

Posted by on September 27, 2015

-de Timotei Rad

1)General things about you: Country? Home city? Age? Education? Hobbies?

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 38, Economist (Saint Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics)


2)Where did you hitchhiked? Itineraries? 

1998: Russia – Belarus – Poland – Check Republic – Slovakia – Poland (2 month – to get the money for this 2 months trip I had to sell my computer – 200 USD)

1999: Russia – Georgia – Turkey – Syria – Jordan – Egypt (2 month); Russia – Belarus – Ukraine – Romania – Hungary – Check Republic – Poland – Belarus – Russia (2 month)

2000: Russia – Ukraine – Romania – Bulgaria – Turkey – Syria – Jordan – Egypt – Sudan – Ethiopia (3 month)

2001-2002: Russia – Mongolia – China – Laos – Thailand – Malaysia – Singapore – Indonesia – Australia – East Timor – Malaysia – Thailand – Cambodia – Vietnam – China – Kazakhstan – Russia (10 month)

2003: Russia – Georgia – Armenia – Georgia – Turkey- Iraq – Iran – Pakistan – India – Sri-Lanka (7 month)

2005-2006: Mexico – Belize – Guatemala – Honduras – El Salvador – Nicaragua – Costa-Rica – Panama – Columbia – Ecuador – Bolivia – Peru – Chile – Antarctica – Chile – Argentina – Brazil – Paraguay – Brazil – Uruguay – Brazil – Venezuela – Cuba (15 month)

54 țări
Since 2007 I usually travel by other means then hitchhiking. By my own bicycle, motorbike, car etc. Still sometimes I can use hitchhiking in case of need.

My blog is in Russian only:

3)”Exotic” cars which took you hitchhiking? Like police or any funny car?

Hard to remember all of them! On a top of a petrol tank and inside a truck full of sheeps in Syria. Inside a bucket of excavator in Iran. On a paver machine in Kazakhstan. On a rink truck in many countries. On a military vehicles including CH-46 helicopters in Iraq. With a broken motorbike inside a truck loaded with tons of bags and dozens of people in Angola. With my motorbike on an old almost broken military plane going from Angola to repair factory in Belarus. On a rusty old ferries in Indonesia. On a Chilean plane to Antarctic. On a nuclear powered Russian icebreaker to North Pole.

WOW! WOW! WOW! Dacă e să alegem cel mai nebun autostopist în funcție de <vehiculele> nebune pe care le-a autostopat Grigory va ocupa foarte detașat locul I !!!

4)Your favorite countries?

My favorite were Syria and Iran. I also like China (4 times) and India (7 times). Spent quite a lot of time there. Argentina is very good. Myanmar too. And Russia of course!


5) What languages do you speak?

Russian, English, Spanish (not so good though. 10 years without practicing!). I did also speak some Arabic and Portuguese.

6) The most important realities about this world, which hitchhiking learned you?

I found out that it is not as “shit” as people talk about it. World is actually a very good place to be! But I am loosing this good feeling every time I stop moving for a long time. My world is good only when I move.


6) Had you ever been robbed?

Nothing really bad. Once few Brazilian youngsters have stolen my bag with photo camera. I`ve chased them and got it back. Another time a couple of young guys in Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) have grabbed my plastic bag and run away. There was nothing important in it: one orange and bananas.

In Guatemala a guy on a street have tried to attack me and grab my watches. But he couldn’t do it (I fought back) and he run away. I didn’t chase him because I had a heavy backpack with me.

Only once the robbers were really dangerous – in Venezuela. They had a real gun. And their faces were hidden with masks like in a western movie (cagule). I gave them my guitar – it was broken anyway. But I rejected to give a backpack. They didn’t shoot. Perhaps they had no bullets? Or had no intentions to kill a foreigner for a backpack with rather useless tent and sleeping bag? They hit me with a brass knuckles and moved away carrying a broken guitar. Well, lets say it was a draw.

FANTASTICĂ ATITUDINEA RUSULUI!!!! Deci el se gândește că a fost egal, nu îi pasă că putea muri!!! Ca să vedeți de ce iubesc eu atât Rusia!


In spite of all this I consider the world is not too dangerous. Anyway sometimes it is good for your character to get through some troubles. It makes you stronger. DA!!!


Jos pălăria în fața lui Grigory! Un călător mult mai autentic decât mulți, mulți alții! Plus de aia mi-a răspuns prompt și foarte organizat la interviu, ați văzut ce fițe au alții și ce bătăi de cap am cu ei. O bucurie să găsesc astfel de călători!

Prin Pakistan:


-de Timotei Rad-